Water For LIFE 2017 Mission Update

By May 30, 2017December 18th, 2017Mission Updates, Water for LIFE

Proverbs 25:25 says, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

I want to be a vessel that carries the good news wherever I go… don’t you? At LIFE Outreach we want to share the news of Jesus in WORD and DEED, but we need your help!

As a father of three college age children I have been privileged to watch them grow up and see their faith in Jesus become their own. Raising children is not easy, but through the years I never had to worry about my children drinking contaminated water that could threaten their health or even their life. Thankfully, we can all go to the water faucet in our homes and parks to get a simple drink of water. Can you imagine if things got so bad you literally had to go into sewers, ditches or creek beds to find whatever water you could just to get a drink? Now imagine having to make your child drink that water, knowing it will make them sick. Nearly 700 million people lack access to safe drinking water. The lack of safe water is one of the world’s single largest causes of illness according to UNICEF.

I can still remember the very first hand-dug well I looked into 12 years ago. It was in a little village about 20 miles outside of San Salvador, El Salvador.  I thought it was being used to water the livestock stalled all around it, but to my dismay, it wasn’t only for the animals. The missionary drew up the bucket filled with stagnate water, mosquito larvae and water scum. The stench was so bad it would make you sick. It was the only water source for the families that lived nearby.

Bad water is the “silent killer” in the world today. Although it doesn’t get the media coverage of wars and natural disasters, it is responsible for more deaths each year than global conflict.There are too many deaths and too many mothers weeping with tears of despair due to lack of clean water. Approximately, 800 children die every day from preventable disease caused by dirty water. Providing clean water for families in need not only gives physical help and hope, but shares the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

This year we have set an ambitious goal to complete 400 wells in 15 nations. Last year we surpassed the 5400 well milestone, and with the addition of another 400, we will reach 5800 wells by the end of the year. A single well, on average, is expected to provide clean drinking water for at least a thousand people for their lifetime, producing over 7 million gallons of water.

Some of the countries we are reaching with clean water are Afghanistan, Burundi, Cuba, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Laos / Burma, Nicaragua, Peru and Rwanda. I want to see families around the world reached with life giving clean water! Whatever you can do will be a tremendous blessing to mothers and fathers who only dream of providing clean water to their children. Our missionary partners love to use the gift of clean water to share God’s Word at every opportunity! Regardless if you have children like I do or not, there are families that need our help!

All I ask is that you give your best for such a worthy mission effort.

Forever Grateful! 
 John Yeatts                                                         
John Yeatts
National Coordinator, Churches for LIFE
LIFE Outreach International 
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