LIFE Centers

“God makes a home for the lonely; He leads out the prisoners into prosperity…” (Psalm 68:6)

LIFE Outreach has established “LIFE Centers” to meet emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Rwanda, Ukraine, Thailand, China, India and Bolivia are a few of the countries where LIFE Centers continue to bless the lives of countless children.

Located on four continents, our 12 LIFE Centers are uniquely equipped to meet the specific needs of children and communities where they’re located. LIFE Centers are an answer for the brokenhearted, a place for healing, hope and wholeness.

lcr1For children who have nowhere else to turn for help, LIFE Centers offer not just a home, but a family. In a Christ centered atmosphere a child’s daily needs are met; nutritious food, a warm bed, clean clothes, and an education.

LIFE Centers are not temporary fixes to an area’s problems; they are thriving solutions that bring significant, long-lasting change in communities unable to meet the needs of their own children.

More About Life Centers

Angola Life Center

In Angola, the LIFE Center play a major role in processing the food necessary for Mission Feeding across many nations in that region. This LIFE Center is impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of children! 

Albania Life Center

In Albania, the LIFE Center also serves as an outreach center to the community. When a small congregation in Durres, Albania, – the poorest city in the poorest nation in Europe – responded to the plight of refugees fleeing ethnic violence in Kosovo, the believers demonstrated the compassion of Christ.

Mozambique Life Center

While the centers may vary in their outreach duties, they share a common mission: demonstrate the love of God in word and deed.  In Mozambique where there is little to no medical help, the clinic associated with the LIFE Center is a welcome site for mothers of sick children. Within the last generation, the people of Mozambique have survived civil wars, famine, floods, and a ban on Christianity. Through the combined efforts of LIFE Outreach and our mission partners, we are able to bring hope through nutritional feeding programs, agricultural projects and Gospel crusades. Ultimately, the children nurtured in a loving Christian environment at our LIFE Centers will have the opportunity to help shape the faith and the future of their countries.

China Life Center

In China, countless children with physical disabilities are left orphaned and abandoned. That’s where Tim and Pam Baker come in. LIFE Outreach has partnered with the Bakers and their Phillip Hayden Foundation and established a LIFE Center in China. Known as the Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, this unique LIFE Center is really a tiny village of homes.  Each home has their own house parent. The homes are centered around the LIFE Center park.

India Life Center

India is one of the most overpopulated, poverty-stricken areas in the world. Countless children and orphans fall through the cracks, desperate for hope as they live on the streets. LIFE gives hope and a home where there is none. Near Mumbai, the country’s largest city, the LIFE Center provides ongoing care for orphans and street children, rescued from human trafficking.

Rwanda Life Center

In 1994, civil war ripped through the small central African nation of Rwanda, brutally separating nearly 1 million people in 100 days of genocide. Family separations and the death of parents orphaned many children who survived the massacres. These orphans lived in the bush, living in makeshift shelters of sticks and straw.

Ukraine Life Center

After missionaries Jim and Sandy McCann lost their infant son, Joshua, while on the mission field, they followed God’s prompting to continue serving in Ukraine. LIFE Outreach and the McCanns partnered to establish the Ukraine LIFE Center to rescue and restore children who had previously known only abuse, neglect or rejection.

Romania Life Center

The former Communist country of Romania is being transformed into a God-fearing nation with the help of LIFE Outreach’s partner, John Dolinschi. This LIFE Center houses and cares for homeless young adults between the ages of 18-22, and trains them in vocational skills to equip them to be productive citizens and assets to their community.

Thailand Life Center

In Thailand, human traffickers target children and teens. In a cruel twist of deception, children raised in poverty are lured to the city with offers of good jobs and an education. Instead, they become enslaved by their “owners” who use them for forced labor, or worse, use them in the sex slave industry. We cannot look away from this evil. We must lift our voices and make a difference. We are currently working to establish a place of refuge and safety where children can learn of God’s love for them to develop the vocational skills so vital for their future. We must rescue them for a new destiny and give them hope.