Trinity Family Fellowship Church – Yakima, WA

By July 20, 2015December 18th, 2017CFL Partner Testimonies


Ryan said, “I was watching TV one day at night and I was going to bed and I saw them eating dirt. At first I had $25.00 and then I wanted to send it to Africa.” Ryan’s Dad said, God grabbed that money and multiplied it and Ryan was able to feed a lot of kids with that money and I’m just thankful that God is working in my son.”

Pastor Dennis Smith, Trinity Family Fellowship Church, Yakima, Washington, said, “Ryan has this heart for helping people.”

That night at church, after Ryan shared his vision of sending money to Africa to feed the children, he was able to give a $1,000 donation to Mission Feeding.

Ryan’s Story from LifetodayTV on Vimeo.