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life-bowlsHas God been speaking to your heart about how your Church can have a greater impact around the world? Churches for LIFE churches all over our country are partnering to make a world wide difference.

Just a few months ago, I sat pondering God’s kindness to my family and to my children. I thought how precious it is to me that God loves me and loves me so much that He would bless my children. In prayer I told Him, “Lord, outside of you giving Jesus for me there is nothing that tells me you love me more than the kindness you have shown to my children.” As parents, we all find great pleasure when someone is kind and benevolent to our children. It makes me want to be a blessing to that person. It caught me a little off guard when I sensed the Lord saying the same thing back to me, “John, outside of giving yourself to me, the greatest way you show me love is by caring for my children.” I know God commanded us to love each other because that makes us more like Him, but to love each other because it blesses Him – I never understood that. Then I read Hebrews 6:10, “God is not slack; He will not forget the kindness you have shown to Him through loving His people.”  What a promise! God does not forget when we show Him kindness by loving His people.

Statistics show that more than 20% of the world’s population is malnourished and nearly 98% of worldwide hunger exists in under developed countries. Due to malnutrition a child dies every 10 seconds. On a trip to India, which is home to the largest undernourished population in the world, a business executive asked me…“Do you believe world hunger is a solvable problem?” My answer was theoretically “yes” but realistically “no.” We live in a world full of brokenness, pain, greed and contempt. The reality is there are more than enough resources, and a problem of too few workers. Jesus told us this would be true. It was then I realized I had an amazing opportunity to help bridge the gap between the laborers and the friends with resources. The missionaries and our friends are so much like Jesus. They give all their lives and resources to fix a problem they did not cause.

We may not be able to alleviate the world of hunger but WE CAN alleviate hunger for many in the world. God has given us more vision and more passion to combat the global epidemic of hunger than we have ever had, and we are trusting for more friends to help us as we look to help the hurting. What began over 25 years ago is positioned to help more starving children than ever before.

Reports show that over 13 million lives have been saved through the ministry of Mission Feeding. Together we can do this. Remember, we show God we love Him by loving His people.

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