Gentle Shepherd Fellowship – White Hall, IL

By December 18, 2017January 26th, 2018CFL Partner Testimonies

Pastor John McCorkle and his church Gentle Shepherd Fellowship gave shoes from LIFE Outreach International to an orphanage in Romania. They provided socks to go along with the shoes they sent. The church processed shipping on October 13th and they were told that it would take 1 to 2 months to arrive in Romania. Pastor John received a message from the missionaries Ruben and Karen in early December asking for prayer that the shoes would arrive quickly because they were taking Christmas presents to the children in the town of Pesac in the next few days. Karen said, “It would take a miracle.” The church immediately put the request out to their prayer chain. On December 12th, Pastor John received the message from the missionaries that the packages arrived! Pastor John said it best, “What a mighty God we serve!!”

At LIFE Outreach International we are so grateful for our amazing church partners that help share the love of Jesus in Word and Deed! Not only were Ruben and Karen able to help give children shoes, but they also currently have 17 children that live in their orphanage. Their heart is to raise the children to be strong men and woman of God. We are so grateful for those who are serving Christ around the world! Below are photos of children receiving shoes in Pesac, Romania.