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Getwell Road United Methodist Church – Southaven, MS

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Pastor Bill Beavers

“Making ripples at the church’s water station” is not something you see or hear every day in America’s churches. Yet every time Getwell Road Church members poured water into six tall cylinders located throughout the church campus, they were “making ripples” and investing in the Mission: Water for LIFE outreach.

Each drop of water in the see-through tubes represented dollars raised to provide clean drinking water for thirsty families in Africa.

The congregation, led by Senior Pastor Bill Beavers, raised $40,000 to drill and equip eight water wells in Africa during their unique fundraising campaign.

Families at the Southaven, Mississippi church worked together – making donations or hosting bake sales and yard sales to raise funds for the project.

Getwell Road Church made ripples for God’s Kingdom – ripples that will last well beyond their lifetimes.

New Hope Alliance Church – Angier, NC

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Benches_Work Time (16)

Pastor Daniel Kirk said, “Once this was announced to the congregation and how this could impact families in a third-world country, the youth, and those young at heart, caught an excitement for this endeavor. In an effort to raise funds for (Water for LIFE), our congregation chose to build step stools. As we began moving forward with this project, God began to show himself in mighty ways. A lumber company donated 90% of the material which was a tremendous answer to prayer! As a result of the financial and PRAYER support, God has blessed us with a gift of $4920.45, which will completely cover one well.

Step Stool Art (1)

Who would have even dreamed that this little church in the middle of nowhere would even be able to raise this money?”

Wellington House of Prayer – Wellington, NSW Australia

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Ian and Angelia McAdam (Organizer)

Wanting to do something meaningful for Christmas this year, a group of people at Wellington decided to make a difference by helping put an end to child trafficking in the world,(Rescue LIFE).  Angelia said, “The idea of the Christmas tables came as a fun family event where people could come along and enjoy coffee and Christmas sweets. There are so many children that it can be overwhelming, but if we can help one child, that is one less.”

We have so much in this country and we have the ability to lift people’s spirits at Christmas time, through [Rescue LIFE]. – Angela McAdam

Gateway Community Church – Pooler, GA

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Pastors Matt and Lori Hearn  & Melissa Barech (Children’s Ministry Director)

The entire church got involved with Water for LIFE and raised enough for 3 wells! Melissa, the Children’s Ministry Director, gives several testimonies from their church starting with one little girl who gave up her ice cream money and she said, “When everyone is eating ice cream, she is praying.” There was another little girl who did some chores for her grandmother because she wanted to give the money for water wells. The grandmother told her to keep some money for yourself because she did such a great job. The little girl replied, “What can I buy that is more important than a child having clean water?”

Ohio Alliance Church – Stratford, NY

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Pastors Ken and Dawn Allen & April Comstock (Sunday School Teacher)

April said, “I heard about your outreach(Christmas Shoes)while watching James and Betty Robison’s television program(LIFE Today). I was interested in helping immediately and asked the Lord for guidance in how best to serve. I have a limited income and I felt the Lord telling me to start a fundraiser through my Sunday School Class and I decided to sell cookies.  Initially, I only had two students, but the very next week the class doubled. The word spread and people in the community who do not attend our church donated baking ingredients, and our men’s ministry had pledged to match our contribution also, making our donation $800.00.” April continued to say, “Also our Pastor’s wife Dawn Allen, puts on a Christmas pageant every year and this year’s theme(coincidentally)was about shoes for the needy. Amazing how God works sometimes. All gave up their Saturday to help in baking. We had a lot of fun. The children learned a lot and were truly blessed and not only enjoyed sneaking cookie dough, but also were sincerely excited to help other children in need.”


Thank you for all your organization does for those in need. I pray that your outreach continues to grow. Through God great things are possible. God Bless You! – April Comstock

Patricia Lanham Bible Study Group – Charleston, WV

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Ms. Patricia Lanham states, “After considering our own plight with polluted water, it made us aware of how important our water is to us. On January 9, 2014, a huge chemical contamination occurred in our water supply here in Charleston, WV. It affected nine surrounding counties and approximately 300,000 people, many businesses and many jobs. We are experiencing not being able to safely drink or cook with our water. This seems such a small matter in comparison to those who have no source of clean water.”

May God continue to bless your ministry to drill these water wells and provide many people with a supply of clean, life saving resource.- Ms. Patricia Lanham

175 year-old Church Finding New Ways to Impact the Kingdom

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            One almost feels overwhelmed by the severity of needs that are apparent around the globe.  As the pastor of a small rural church in the United States I minister with those who are the “salt of the earth” in so many ways.  Many have not traveled the globe but still have “hearts” that love and pray for those in every corner.  We recently decided to expand our horizon of ministry by seeking an international ministry that would provide an opportunity for us to join their efforts in addressing some of these distant needs while at the same time helping to build a new food pantry in our local community.  We decided to link together with Life International in supporting their Water for Life program, drilling wells around the globe.
After contacting Chris Banning, who assisted us with information and promotional materials we spent the next three months or so promoting the Water for Life program as well as our local food pantry. Our congregation was very supportive and ended up raising funds to provide three wells in addition to a comparable amount for the local food pantry.  Near the end of our fundraising we were encouraged by John Yeatts, National Coordinator for Churches for Life, and were able to meet for a short visit in our community.  This led to the opportunity for John to return at a later date and to minister to our church as well as to address our local conference of churches for an all day meeting.
I was encouraged to know that an international ministry would take time to support small church ministries and found that Life Outreach was genuinely interested in our ministry and not just in securing support for their work.  I would encourage other churches that may desire to link together with an international ministry to pray about helping support the ministry of Life Outreach.  A small church is able to leverage resources and capabilities that would be out of the question, otherwise.  We have found a new friend in ministry as well as an organization that is able to extend our support to those around the globe.
Sometimes God may not be trying to get us to start something new as much as He is trying to get us to join in with someone already doing His work.

Pastor Dale Bales
New Liberty Congregational Christian Church

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