CFL Partner Testimonies

Community Chapel of Melbourne Beach, FL

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Every year our congregation brings in jars of coins they have saved throughout the year to give to the Sunday school for a mission project. We count the coins and have fun guessing ‘how much’! This year we read about your shoe project and the whole congregation (approx. 100) got behind the outreach. Our “Penny Drive” had the highest total to date!! $673.20 for 187 pair of shoes!!! Praise God, we are delighted to send this change to you and thank you for this vision to bring smiles to many children with love in Christ.

Trinity Family Fellowship Church – Yokima, Washington

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Ryan said, “I was watching TV one day at night and I was going to bed and I saw them eating dirt. At first I had $25.00 and then I wanted to send it to Africa.” Ryan’s Dad said, God grabbed that money and multiplied it and Ryan was able to feed a lot of kids with that money and I’m just thankful that God is working in my son.”

Pastor Dennis Smith, Trinity Family Fellowship Church, Yokima, Washington, said, “Ryan has this heart for helping people.”

That night at church, after Ryan shared his vision of sending money to Africa to feed the children, he was able to give a $1,000 donation to Mission Feeding.

Ryan's Story from LifetodayTV on Vimeo.

Tulia Christian Fellowship, Tulia, TX

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Tulia Christian Fellowship, Tulia, TX-Pastor Rusty Gray states, “I pastor a great group of people in rural West Texas. Our church, Tulia Christian Fellowship is in Tulia, TX. We have been struggling with drought for several years here in the Panhandle. We have been praying and trusting God for rain along the way, we have never lost hope or our faith in God’s goodness. A few months ago God laid it on our hearts to raise $5,000.00 to drill a well. We wanted the help others have clean water and hear the gospel. We stood on, Proverbs 11:25-that as we water others we will be watered also.

Since that Sunday 6 weeks ago we have raised the money for the well, and it has not stopped raining! It is pouring outside right now as I write this letter. Many of our areas have had over 10 inches of rain. All the weather forecasters say the drought in our area is over! We thank God for the rain and for answered prayer.

New Life Church of Canton

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When children at New Life Church in Canton, Pennsylvania, heard that children in Nicaragua had never owned a pair of shoes, they wanted to help. Soon, they began raising money to send to LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project – not just asking their parents for the money, but earning it or giving from their own piggy banks. They set a goal to raise enough money for 56 pairs of new shoes. Their teacher, Marilyn, said her students asked if their gift of shoes could help children Nicaragua, and we were happy to say yes. When the children completed their giving campaign for LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project their efforts helped send a total of 300 pairs of shoes – far beyond what they could have anticipated!


Shoe Project-web

Getwell Road United Methodist Church

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Pastor Bill Beavers – Southaven, MS 

“Making ripples at the church’s water station” is not something you see or hear every day in America’s churches. Yet every time Getwell Road Church members poured water into six tall cylinders located throughout the church campus, they were “making ripples” and investing in the Mission: Water for LIFE outreach.

Each drop of water in the see-through tubes represented dollars raised to provide clean drinking water for thirsty families in Africa.

The congregation, led by Senior Pastor Bill Beavers, raised $40,000 to drill and equip eight water wells in Africa during their unique fundraising campaign.

Families at the Southaven, Mississippi church worked together – making donations or hosting bake sales and yard sales to raise funds for the project.

Getwell Road Church made ripples for God’s Kingdom – ripples that will last well beyond their lifetimes.

New Hope Alliance Church

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Work-Group-PicPastor Daniel Kirk – Angier, NC

Benches_Work Time (16)

Pastor Kirk said, “Once this was announced to the congregation and how this could impact families in a third-world country, the youth, and those young at heart, caught an excitement for this endeavor. In an effort to raise funds for (Water for LIFE), our congregation chose to build step stools. As we began moving forward with this project, God began to show himself in mighty ways. A lumber company donated 90% of the material which was a tremendous answer to prayer! As a result of the financial and PRAYER support, God has blessed us with a gift of $4920.45, which will completely cover one well.

Step Stool Art (1)

Who would have even dreamed that this little church in the middle of nowhere would even be able to raise this money?”